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SMU has embarked on a multiyear programme entitled “SMU Bank for Financial Services Education”, referred to as “SMU Teaching Bank“ (or “SMU tBank”). Starting from a clean sheet, we are building a “teaching bank” from the ground up, using today’s architecture best practices.

Mission Statement

“The mission of SMU tBank is to become a world class ‘teaching bank’, generating an on-going supply of undergrad and postgrad student projects whereby classroom learning outcomes can be put into practice, leveraging industry leading banking software and enterprise platforms.”

Guiding Principles

  1. SMU tBank shall exist for academic purposes only, to support banking related coursework, labs, and student projects.
  2. SMU tBank shall align to, and inform, SMU’s Unified Banking Process Framework.
  3. SMU tBank shall be assembled using a mixture of vendor products, in order to demonstrate real world large-scale change scenarios, for example:
  1. SMU tBank shall be a platform for collaboration with banks, product vendors and other academic institutions, for incubating new innovations.

Conceptual Model

SMU has acquired several off-the-shelf banking products over the years from leading software vendors, in order to support hands-on labs for both post-grad and undergrad courses. SMU also uses leading middleware products to support some of its undergrad core technology courses. SMU tBank is then assembled leveraging this mix of vendor software into a flexible service-oriented-architecture, and student projects then develop banking applications that consume reusable services.

Benefits of Building SMU tBank

Benefits of Using SMU tBank

In the classroom, the labs are useful under 3 main contexts.

Research Areas

Anchored around the implementation of SMU tBank, we have spun off a few areas of research, described briefly as follows:

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