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Phase 1 - Retail Banking Channels

Phase 1 has been deployed and is available for use by any academic institution authorized under license agreement with SMU. In total, there are 4 retail channels deployed, including; Branch Teller, Retail Internet Banking, Retail Mobile Banking, and ATM (including ATM Network Manager). This is a fully functioning online bank, used for academic purposes only. The retail banking features supported are illustrated in Figure 2.1 below.

Figure 2.1

Phase 2 - Corporate Banking Channels

Phase 2 is due to be deployed in the year 2015. Corporate Banking Channels to be supported include; Corporate Lending, Cash Management & Payments, Trade Finance, and Treasury (including Forex Trading).

Phase 3 – Bank Management

Phase 3 is due to be deployed in the year 2016. Bank Management functions to be supported include; General Ledger, Financial Statements Reporting, MIS Reporting, Regulatory Reporting, and Customer Analytics.

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